What is the Collegiate DECA Passport Program?

This past year, during my time as president for DePaul University’s Collegiate DECA chapter, I worked hard with my fellow officers to grow our chapter and gain recognition from our school.

We ended the year with 15 members qualified to attend the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference and a grant from our School of Business Dean for $2,000, and a very large part of that success is due to the Collegiate DECA Passport Program.

The Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program provides individuals and chapters a guide for year-round engagement and it enhances the benefits received from membership in Collegiate DECA. We worked all of the passport requirements into our chapter’s yearly calendar, so our members didn’t have to do anything “extra.” The chapter passport almost acts as an easy (and easy to modify!) syllabus for the year, and the individual passport acts as an enhancement tool for members.

Activities are categorized using DECA’s core values and guiding principles in an effort to encourage chapters and individuals to develop and participate in a wide range of activities that appeal to many different interests and contribute to the goals of your campus. There are three levels of achievement for chapter passport: Executive, Diplomat and Presidential. There are two levels of achievement for individual passport: Gold and Blue.

Plus, the individual and chapter passports look great on resumes! You will be recognized for your hard work at ICDC if you attend, and you’ll receive certificate regardless!

Also, if you are looking for more tools to gain support from your school, the Chapter Passport is it! Once you tell your school that your university/college was recognized internationally, they immediately become interested, since they see it as not only a success, but also as another “selling point” of the overall school’s success.

I highly recommend challenging yourself, and your chapter, to complete the Passport Program. The guidelines for the 2015-2016 year can be found online and the due date is March 1, 2016. Create your year’s schedule based on the Passport Program, and have EPIC success this year! Best of luck!

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