Using the #SummerofDECA to Boost your Resume

No matter if you are working your dream internship right now, or surviving a slightly less-than-ideal summer job, your summertime employment can easily boost your resume if you take full advantage of it!

Below are four ways you can make the most of your summer job and use it to help you achieve that dream job in the future.

1) Be the Best Employee

A glowing recommendation for your resume can go a long way, but you won’t get one if you do your job and nothing more! First, always be on DECA-time (15 minutes early!). As luck would have it, the day you are late will be the day you were needed most. If you become dependable for being early, your boss will view you as trustworthy.

Be sure to step-up your game too. Do more than what is expected of you, each and every time. You will quickly find the more you take upon yourself to accomplish, more responsibilities will be given to you (that your peers aren’t getting!).

2) Work on your Communication

You’ve heard it before, but I will say it again: communication is key. No matter if your boss is your BFF, parent, friend, or just a supervisor, keep your communication related to work strictly professional. If you have to text (which I don’t recommend), use full sentences and appropriate grammar. Even a quick email should be professional. Exceptional communication skills are a huge plus for potential employers.

3) Gain a New Marketable Skill

There are so many resources online which can help you learn or improve on your marketable skills. One I would highly suggest would be  You can sharpen your skills in many areas, and become proficient enough to put on your resume.

4) Utilize Your Free Time!

Update those resumes, make those business cards and plan for your upcoming DECA year! You can use some downtime to this summer to plan how you’ll complete DECA campaigns, receive a leadership position this year, or prepare for the hard work and dedication it takes to attend the International Career Development Conference next year.

No matter how you’re spending our #SummerofDECA, you can always use it to prepare for an EPIC year ahead!

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