4 Ways to Build an EPIC Officer Team

A strong officer team is essential to a successful and EPIC year.

Not only does your team need to work well together, but being friendly and having each others’ backs will really help when you are in a crunch and need people to depend on.

Use this #SummerofDECA and the helpful tips below to get your team off to an EPIC start for this upcoming year.

1) Know How Your Team Works

Knowing how each officer in your team works is absolutely essential to having a successful year! A great tool that teams can utilize would be the Strengths Quest. Have your officer team take individual personality tests, and then discuss your top five strengths. Understanding that one person on your team is very strong in one category, and you are strong in another, will really help down the road when you need some assistance. Now you’ll already know who will be best to help you!

2) Understand What They Want to Accomplish

Lots of people hold officer positions, and people hold them for many different reason. Understanding why someone wanted to be part of the officer team will help you understand their drive and will allow you to let them focus on areas they are passionate about.

3) Set Expectations and Guidelines

Have everyone explain their communication styles, and what they expect from each other. Knowing the goals of the team and having a clear understanding of specific deadlines will keep everyone accountable and minimize stress, anger and possible blow ups later on.

4) Have Fun

Have an officer night social, and try (as hard as it will be!) to not talk about DECA. Get to know each other, and try to have a quality bonding experience. Being friends with your team will really go a long ways and make the year so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

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