3 Awesome Ways to Get Your Chapter Together This Summer

School may be over, but that doesn’t mean DECA has to be too!

Your DECA chapter can be like a family, and your planning/ bonding time with your fellow members can include the summertime instead of just during the school year.

If you already miss your DECA family, never fear! Here are some ideas to get together with your chapter to not only increase the bond between each one of you, but also get ready to plan for the upcoming year.

1. Pool/Cook-Out Party: A staple of summer! What better way to celebrate the freedom from schoolwork than with a classic swimming party with your chapter? Fire up the grill and share stories from the recent year.

This is also a great idea if there are new people joining DECA or your chapter to establish friendships and help them feel welcome as they prepare for their first year DECA style!  

2. DECA Movie Night: Who needs a large theater where you have to stay silent when you can set up your own movie experience with your chapter? Pick out a few movies, meet at someone’s house and break out the popcorn and jellybeans (or whatever must-have candy for movie times).

It’s also the perfect time to gather the chapter for a meeting to discuss the upcoming year, squeezing in both fun bonding times and DECA time (which is also fun!)

3. Game Night: One of my best memories from my first year in DECA was playing countless games with my chapter while we traveled to competitions, and it can be great for summer too.

Get a list of favorites (I personally enjoy Heads Up and Uno) and have fun with a little competition! Enjoy lots of laughs and memories with your chapter on this one.

Is your chapter getting together this summer for some fun DECA bonding time? Be sure to snap a photo and share it on Twitter and Instagram with #SummerofDECA!  

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