4 Ways to Stay In-the-Know During the #SummerofDECA

Summer is finally here! No more finals or school to worry about; it’s time to hit the beach!

Before you jet off on your next summer adventure though, remember that this is the perfect time to stay up-to-date with all things DECA. Below is a list of ways that you and your fellow members can stay informed about DECA news and events throughout the summer!

  1. Follow DECA on Social Media

Who doesn’t use social media? Following all DECA related social media accounts is the best way to constantly stay engaged with everything DECA has to offer. Whether you’re on scrolling through the Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, or keeping up with the latest Instagram posts, these are all great ways to stay in-the-know. Posts are constantly being updated so that members can continually stay engaged! From #MotivationalMonday to #WayToGoWednesday, these accounts will provide you and your chapter the insight you need to be successful next year.      

  1. DECA Direct Online

For those wanting a more thorough evaluation of all things DECA, DECA Direct Online is the best place to go. DECA Direct online is our own news site where you will find countless articles on a range of topics for everything you need during the summer and for the fall. From DECA news to resources for your chapter, there is something for everyone! You’ll find full-length news articles that are extremely insightful and will help you better prepare for next year’s competition season too. Be sure to check daily for the most up-to-date news.

  1. #SummerofDECA

This year is going to be EPIC, and your summer will most certainly be as well! DECA Inc. wants to stay connected with all the adventures and experiences you and or your chapters are experiencing this summer. With that, simply tag @DECAInc in all your tweets and posts and you may even receive a special shout out! Make sure you also use the hashtags #SummerofDECA #DECA and #beDECAepic so that others can see and witness your activities as well! 

  1. Conference Attendees

Numerous conferences will also be held throughout the summer as well! If you are planning on attending one, make sure to post tons of pictures showing how much fun your experience truly is. Again, make sure to tag @DECAInc, and to use the designated hashtags mentioned above in order to be recognized and connect other members from around the world!

So before you head off to the beach or to that amusement park, make sure to follow these tools in order to stay connected will all things DECA throughout the summer. Don’t forget to share your experiences with DECA too using #SummerofDECA. We’re looking forward to seeing how you all will make this summer truly EPIC!

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