How to Better Prepare for Your Next Interview

Now is the time when many of you are starting to think about what you are going to do for summer work. Did you know that role-playing and presenting for DECA prepares you for interviews?

Some of you will have informal interviews and some will have formal interviews. My first interview was very informal; I was hired on the spot and given a schedule. My first formal interview was with Vector Marketing and I guess it went well; I am still working here 23 years later!

You won’t get a job offer on every interview, but you can learn from all of them! Take an evaluation of the interview. Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly:

  1. Did I dress properly?
  2. Did I arrive on time?
  3. Was I prepared to answer questions?
  4. Did I practice (role play) answering questions before the interview?
  5. Where could things have gone better?

Here is what you can do to prepare better for your next interview:

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice. Have someone pretend to be the interviewer and ask you various questions. Not sure what to ask? Google is a great resource! As a bonus, one of the best things to do is to videotape you practicing. You will be able to see what you look like and sound like, and thus where you can make improvements.
  2. Relax. I know this is easy to say and difficult to do. Listen to a song or speak to someone that puts you in a good mood before the interview. If you go in with the right frame of mind, you will perform better. Just like in competition, you have to set yourself up for success.

Sometimes it can be tough receive criticism from the people helping you practice. One of the best things you can do is LISTEN to what they are saying. Then ask yourself how you can improve upon it during your next interview. A common question I ask myself is: How can I get better at ___________? Then take the necessary steps to do that. Enjoy and have fun interviewing!

If you are a graduating senior, and looking for summer work, check out: for work in your area.

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