Key Points to Remember for Your Role-Play

Today I walked the exhibition floor at #DECAICDC to ask veteran competitors to share with me one or two tips for anyone taking on a DECA role-play.

The following are the responses competitors came up with on the spot and good pieces of advice for new or veteran competitors alike:

“Always prepare. You will thank yourself when it comes to the awards.”

Maddie Davis | @maddiejeanne15 | Irondequoit DECA | New York

“Even if you don’t know something, pretend like you do and be confident.”

Lauren Segelin | @laurensegelin | Irondequoit DECA | New York

“Don’t overcomplicate things and don’t focus on one thing.”

Jack Enright | @JEnright32 | Irondequoit DECA | New York

“When competing as a team, remember that communication is key and do as much together as possible.” 

Rachel Larrrivee | @rachellarrivee | Bedford DECA | New Hampshire

“Make sure when you are competing as a team to bounce ideas off of each other during both the prep time and during the role-play.”

Sarah Cole | @Sarbearcole4 | Bedford DECA | New Hampshire

“Research your competitive event area and industry thoroughly before competition.”

Landon McKinney | @Ha_Thats_Lando | Owensville DECA | Missouri

“Be confident and believe in yourself.”

Raihan Haque | Cass Technical DECA | Michigan


Troy Howard | @CmAcrossing | Communication Media Arts DECA | Michigan

“Stay as calm as you can and manage your time well.” 

Elizabeth Holt | @lizzy_holt97 | Woodinville DECA | Washington

“Be confident in EVERYTHING you do.”

Marisa Savage | @savagebabeyy | Woodinville DECA | Washington

“Dress to impress.” 

Kirann Gable | Woodinville DECA | Washington

“When working as a team, make sure one person doesn’t dominate the presentation.”

Lauryn Stafford | Woodinville DECA | Washington

These were all great tips. I would like to add two very important tips I give to all of my competitors as well: make sure to cover every performance indicator and always make sure to use an effective close.

Good luck in your competition!

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