AT&T Mentors Prep Students for DECA’s International Career Development Conference

DECA advisors and AT&T mentors arranged practice summits for those DECA competitors in the Atlanta, Orlando, and Seattle areas in the days leading up to each chapter’s departure for DECA’s annual International Career Development Conference.

This year, #DECAICDC will bring 18,000 members and advisors to Orlando, Fla., for four days of competing, leadership training and networking. 

Students gathered in schools and centrally located malls to practice for their events and receive additional feedback from dedicated members of the AT&T offices in their communities. Through the AT&T/DECA collaboration, AT&T mentors continue to assist students in experiencing DECA beyond the classroom.

At each event, students had an opportunity to practice for their role-play competitive events, or participate in interviews for written projects. The mentors provided extensive and honest feedback for each student on written work, presentations, and role-play scenarios. Since many of the mentors served as judges at state and/or regional DECA competition, students benefitted from their previous experiences. According to Kristian Cosme, Manager, Credit and Collections, and Ambassador, Aspire Mentoring Academy, “The students took notes and really took to heart the feedback we provided to them.”

The session at Global Connections High School in SeaTac, Wash., included both competitors and chapter members traveling to Orlando to participate in other aspects of #DECAICDC. The students gained insight in the areas of presentation skills and project content. According to Chris Parsell, senior competitor in the School-based Enterprise event, “Meeting with AT&T volunteers allowed me to get a professional opinion on how to shape my presentation to business standards.” Patty Gonzalez, junior competitor in the Learn and Earn project event added, “They gave me encouraging advice on where I need the most growth.”

Sessions like these provide DECA members with additional feedback on their performances as they apply aspects of the classroom instruction. The students benefit from the mentoring sessions as they compete at ICDC and in other areas of their lives after high school. These opportunities ensure that DECA members will have the confidence and skills necessary to compete in the world that awaits them.

Many thanks to our AT&T mentors and the many others that help prepare students for this highest level of DECA competition! Best of luck to all DECA members participating in the wide variety of events available in Orlando!

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