Connecting the Dots at the #CDECAICDC Entrepreneurship PDA

One of the things we look for when coming to the annual Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference is inspiration.

As we attend our respective sessions and hear from amazing speakers, we listen for vital tips that can bring us that much closer to our career dreams.

The Entrepreneurship Professional Development Academy at the 2015 #CDECAICDC in Orlando, Fla. provided that and much more!

The attendees of the entrepreneurship cluster received so much support and inspiration from Jennifer Kushell, founder & CEO of Your Success Now and Gionne Jones, coordinator of Special Projects at the IFA Educational Foundation. These two wonderful ladies spoke on the opportunities the International Franchise Association has for DECA members and their entrepreneurial dreams through the Next Generation Franchise program.

Next Generation Franchising provides young entrepreneurs with the means to take their business from a concept to a successful franchise around the world. The IFA has helped businesses like Arrow Sign Spinners, Solar Sister, and Nutrition Without Borders thrive and become some of the fastest emerging franchises. The program also provides students with career opportunities in thousands of franchises worldwide, scholarships, professional growth programs, and more.

Three DECA members that are living proof the power that the Next Generation Program can provide are Hannah Haynes, Janelle Hartford, and Jenna Botner of the University of Mary. Their concept of enhancing the downtown area of Bismarck, N.D., with Star Spangled Burgers Food Truck, placed them among the winners of the Young Entrepreneurs in Franchising Global Competition. This competition introduced them to thousands of people working, investing, and developing ideas within the franchising community.

Throughout the academy, Jennifer Kushell encouraged everyone to “connect the dots” that can help develop their career, relationships, and opportunities within franchising.

I believe all attendees would agree with Taylor Fish and Jen Baiada of Belmont University Collegiate DECA when they said that the Entrepreneurship PDA provided competitors with, “excitement, motivation, and relevant information”.

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