5 Last Minute Competition Tips for #DECAICDC

Ready for DECA's 2015 International Career Development Conference?

In just a week, 18,000 DECA members from around the world will head to the sunshine state of Florida, ready to compete, network and create memories to last a lifetime.

Here are five super quick last minute competition tips for those going for the gold at #DECAICDC: 

1. Practice, Practice, Practice: Prior to ICDC, get as much study time as you can using your previous projects, old role-plays that you can find online, and the DECA Compete app. The best way to know a wide variety of information on your topics is through practice, and this will help you ace your presentation and have in-depth conversations with your judge. This is something that many competitors forget to do. Practicing and rehearsing can be the difference between first place and just being an overall finalist. 

2. Dress For Success: Dressing professionally and appropriately count for numerous points at ICDC! Don't skip this step. Remember to have a well-fitting blazer, avoid black clothes while competing and keep it simple. You clothes should enhance your presentation, and not be a distracting nuisance when you're in front of your judge.

3. Bust Out Those Businesses Terms: Knowing marketing lingo and business jargon will boost your score when it comes to competing. It gives the impression that you are well versed, professional and prepared! Study up on those words now and use them to your advantage

4. Avoid Filler Words: Nothing will damage your credibility and overall score as much as the constant use of the words "um" and "like". You might not notice how often you say it, but it has a damaging impact on your message. Be sure to have a friend listen to you present or rehearse and catch those filler words before it’s too late!

5. Confidence is Key: From a powerful handshake to a great smile, having an air of confidence before you go to compete will allow your true abilities to shine. Nervous? Jittery? Don't be! Remember how hard you’ve worked for this and stay cool as a cucumber. Confidence can make a world of a difference!

Follow these five quick and simple tips to impress your judges, ace your exam and have the best #DECAICDC experience yet! Good luck to everyone competing and remember to proclaim, "I am DECA" at this year's ICDC in Orlando!

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