New Exams Now Available on DECA Compete App

DECA Inc. is excited to announce new versions of the DECA exam are now available on the DECA Compete app. 

Download the DECA Compete app from the App Store or GooglePlay today!

DECA compete allows you to practice exams for each of DECA's six exams used in competitive events, including the new Financial Literacy Exam.

With DECA Compete, you can:

  • Get instant feedback – if you answer the question incorrectly, learn the correct answer and why it's correct.
  • Choose 10, 25, 50 or 100 question quizzes.
  • Practice with items used in the 2015 DECA chartered association exams.

At only $3.99 for each 100-question exam, these quizzes make studying on the go even easier. Plus, the DECA Compete app is so interactive, it will actually make learning and studying fun!

Simply download the app for free and then make an in-app purchase for the exam(s) you want.


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