How to Increase Funds for State and National Conferences

These past two years my chapter has qualified to attend and compete at the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference, and both times our initial excitement is followed by the realization that we need to make some money, quick!

For some chapters we know it can be difficult raising money for a trip like this. Trust me, our chapter understands. So we came up with a few new tricks and ideas to jump outside the box and help raise a few dollar signs here and there.

  • If you're in a small town or city, don't be afraid to ask local businesses for donations. Be sure that you explain what it is for and what you aim to accomplish with the donation. Most companies are willing to help out their local schools, colleges, and/or universities.
  • There are endless amounts of local fundraising opportunities that can also help with the Passport Programs, such as a community service fundraiser. It doesn't hurt to rake a few yards here and there, besides all the small cash you make adds up quickly in the long run.
  • Jump outside of your state for a bit! Some great ideas for fundraising can come with a click of a button. Our chapter will be selling popcorn next month and it's a huge hit! And I can promise you this tasty popcorn doesn't come from North Dakota – it's from Texas!

There are an abundance of fundraising opportunities and ideas out there, and it doesn’t hurt to use Google for some inspiration either!

Good luck fundraising and we hope to see you in Orlando for #CDECAICDC this April!

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