5 Tips to Spark the Competition Flame

Whether you are new to the organization or have been with Collegiate DECA for a year or more, we all know that sometimes you need a little spark to keep your competition flame burning bright.

So here are a few tips on how you can reignite your flame as the competition season heats up:

1. Becoming an International Champion

What better way to kick up your competition preparation than by visualizing yourself receiving the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Challenge trophy on stage in Orlando, Fla.! If you keep the ultimate goal in mind during your preparation, you’ll never lose focus.

2. Increasing your Chapter Membership

Not only is winning at #CDECAICDC really awesome for you, but for your school and chapter too! Being able to bring publicity to your university or college is a great way to demonstrate your chapter’s value on campus, and it can also help attract more members for next year too.

3. Healthy Competition Never Hurts

Are multiple members in your chapter all competing this year? Why not up the anti and see who can bring home the most awards? Whether you’re a top 10 finalist or an international finalist, create incentives within your own chapter to drive a friendly competitive spirit that can help your members push themselves.

4. Impress Business Professionals

ICDC gives you the chance of a lifetime to make an impression on business professionals willing and wanting to hire new graduates in the spring. While competing, you have the opportunity to sit down with judges who are in the industry in which you hope to one-day work for. Make sure you make the best first impression possible and knock their socks off!

5. Network, Network, Network

While winning first place and receiving awards are always nice, there’s another reason why you should work hard to make it to ICDC: networking! ICDC bring together members, advisors, business professionals and more and offers you the chance to create lasting relationships. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

With these tips, you’ll be sure to make an impression this year at the 54th annual International Career Development Conference. I know these pointers always helped me spark my competition flame in the spring, and I hope they will do the same for you! Good luck and we’ll see you in Orlando for #CDECAICDC!

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