Do You Need Sample Practice Events?

How do I do competitive events?

At DECA, we hear that question often from advisors and student members from all experience levels.

One of the easiest ways to learn a Principles, Team or Individual event is to look at sample events. These are published by DECA Images in several ways. 

Many advisors choose to order the annual collection of preparation materials, which includes a cluster exam and several sample events (the 2015 version will be available at ICDC!).

In order to meet the needs of our advisors and members, DECA Images has created Sample Event Books, Volume 1 to supplement the sample events available to members, which can be used to prepare for competition. The Volume 1 books are available in all categories in the Principles, Team and Individual events with either 3 or 4 sample events in each.

Perhaps you can use the Volume 1 Sample Events Book for practice with mock judges prior to competition or match them with a curriculum unit you are teaching in the classroom.

DECA Images will be adding to this collection every two years to create a library of sample events available to our chapters.

If you have questions or have an idea for a future publication, please contact me at

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