Utah’s Fall Leadership Conference Proves to Be an Intense and Beneficial Case Study Experience

Utah Collegiate DECA’s annual Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) was one of the most exciting, fun and rewarding experiences for University of Las Vegas-Nevada Collegiate DECA members who attended.

The conference is always filled with leadership development workshops, amazing speakers, opportunities to network, and competition.

The 2014 Utah Collegiate DECA FLC began with the Chapter Officer Leadership Academy (COLA) hosted by Angela Dayton, a professional consultant, serial entrepreneur and public speaker. After an interactive session of leadership exercises, COLA concluded and FLC’s opening session began. Opening session featured a talk from Michael Glauser, a Utah State University professor who embarked on a 4,000-mile bicycle journey across the United States to interview and reveal some of America’s top successful small businesses and entrepreneurs.

During the conference, attendees also heard from Michelle McCullough, managing director of Startup Princess, on her strategies to leverage social media engagement, and Spencer Quinn, student entrepreneur and co-founder of Fiber Fix, a Shark Tank success story whose product can be found in over 1,600 locations world-wide including Home Depot and Lowes.

“I still remember the first time we were handed $20 from someone and I thought, WHOA! Someone wants to actually buy this!” said Quinn during his presentation. All of the presenters during the conference were true inspirations to all the future business leaders and entrepreneurs in attendance.

Representatives from Adobe Digital Marketing and Boostability Inc. were invited to present on their companies and judge the conference competition. These two companies would be featured in the case studies which students who attended had to work on for the remainder of the conference. Adobe Digital Marketing, who has dominated the market over companies such as IBM, focused their case study on strategies to increase sales of the Adobe Marketing Cloud through the use of the Adobe Digital Index. Boostability Inc., a leader in search engine optimization and named #254 in the Inc. 500/5000 list, asked students to focus on the employee hiring process and increasing their retention rate.

Since attendees were placed in random teams, the case study competition was more challenging than a typical team competition. Aside from the intensive research and preparation to present, students had to work with people they had never met before! Students from both Utah & UNLV embraced the challenge and worked tirelessly throughout the night with their teams to deliver the best presentations possible to present to the judges the next morning.

The hard work paid off when four UNLV Collegiate DECA members joined their respective teams as first and second place winners. Adobe’s first place winners were also invited to a meeting with their executive team and to tour the facility in Utah.

Dara Tinoco, first year UNLV Collegiate DECA member said, “FLC was an incredible experience for me as a college freshman. It taught me to be an influential leader and overall an excellent entrepreneur. Now I’m even more excited to pursue my career at the UNLV Lee Business School!”

Since most UNLV Collegiate DECA members were first-time attendees, the conference delivered the excitement and joy of not only competing, but networking and having lots of fun.

We hope to continue this tradition every year and cannot wait for the opportunity to attend again in 2015!

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