The NAB Alumni Committee Holds Third Meeting

DECA’s National Advisory Board Alumni Committee held its third meeting Tuesday, January 6, 2015. In effort to accomplish DECA’s goal of connecting with DECA’s estimated 10 million DECA alumni worldwide, the committee discussed utilizing LinkedIn as a significant vehicle in finding and engaging DECA alumni.

Committee Co-Chair, Marlene Dunn (FIDM), brought FIDM’s Alumni Communications & Event Manager, Carrie Shay, to the call. Carrie, Marlene and Sharon Ryan (FIDM) shared with the committee the successes that FIDM has had connecting with and engaging alumni through LinkedIn. The committee worked with guidance from Carrie to develop a list of strategies for improving DECA’s LinkedIn efforts.

The date for the next NAB Alumni Committee meeting will be announced after the annual NAB meeting, January 15, 2015.

DECA thanks all of our NAB partners participating on DECA’s NAB Alumni Committee for their continued support of DECA’s programs.

For more information on DECA’s NAB Alumni Committee, please contact committee co-chairs, Marlene Dunn and Mike Marchetti (Finish Line), or DECA staff member Nick Edwards.

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