Collegiate DECA Resources to Start This Year Strong

Running a Collegiate DECA Chapter takes a lot of work. It takes time and dedication to keep things running smoothly.

With that in mind, here are the top five DECA resources to start this year off strong!

  1. People – Your Collegiate DECA executive officers are here for you. Email them with any questions you have, and they can connect you with potential members in your area. Don’t forget about the people who are close to you too! Your school’s dean, your chapter’s advisor, and of course your members, are integral to your chapter’s success.
  2. DECA Direct – Make sure you and your members have signed up for DECA Direct emails! Just scroll down to the bottom of, and type in your information. It’s easy, and it’s the best way to stay connected with all things DECA.
  3. – is where you need to go to find deadlines, apply for scholarships and other awards, register for conferences, and more! Check out the new website and explore a little bit. You’ll be surprised what you may find!
  4. High School DECA – High school DECA is your number one resource for membership. Many Collegiate DECA members were involved at the high school level, and many potential collegiate members will be graduating this spring and moving onto your campus! Visit local high schools in your area and talk to seniors about why it’s so important that they take DECA to college with them!
  5. DECA in a Box – The long awaited DECA in a Box is almost here. DECA in a Box is a compiled document including files like PowerPoint presentations, press release templates, flyers, awards and officer applications, and more. Many of these files are available separately on as well. In particular, the Leadership Passport Program is a good tool to help structure your chapter and its goals. Make sure to check it out!

If you take advantage of these resources and you’ll be off to a good start! Like any good Collegiate DECA member, I am sure you will strive for greatness and will find all sorts of additional resources on your own too.

Good luck, and remember to email any of your executive officers if you ever have questions!

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