10 Collegiate Deadlines to Keep in Mind

The 2015 International Career Development Conference is in April in the beautiful Orlando, Fla., scholarships are being awarded, and enterprising individuals are preparing to run for national office, just to name a few.

As we approach the end of 2014 and begin a brand new year, here are 10 deadlines to be aware of, and how to prepare for them:

December 19, 2014

The 2015 ICDC T-Shirt Design Contest deadline is this Friday! Create a design using Photoshop, Gimp, or any other program, or even a pencil and paper, and submit it to deca_images@deca.org. Check the Collegiate DECA Facebook page for more updates!

January 19, 2015

DECA and it’s corporate partners give away over $300,000 in scholarships each year – have you applied for some of this money yet? Go online to create your application profile and find out which scholarships you are eligible for. The deadline for all applications is January 19, so don’t delay!

February 1, 2015

February marks the start of Career and Technical Education Month. Check out this link to learn more about the celebration. Stay tuned to Collegiate DECA social media and DECA Direct Online to find out how you can get involved.

February 15, 2015

Collegiate DECA membership submission and dues for ICDC event competitors is due. This is very important – if you do not turn in membership or dues by this date, you cannot compete in Orlando. In addition, the membership campaign for increased membership is due February 12.

February 18, 2015

Collegiate DECA Academic Honor Award applications are due. Be sure to get this application in, since it is a part of the Leadership Passport Award. Intent to Run for Executive Office forms are also due on this date.

March 1, 2015

Association Chapter Advisor and Administrator of the Year Awards Recipients due.

March 3, 2015

Put this one in your calendar twice! The Advocacy Campaign, Chapter Leadership Award, Community Service Award, and Leadership Passport Program (Chapter and Individual) submissions are due.

March 17, 2015

If you plan to go to ICDC, this deadline is crucial! ICDC registration (to DECA Inc.) and housing (to hotel) are due.

March 18, 2015

If you’re ready to step up your leadership game for Collegiate DECA, be sure to remember that applications to run for executive officer are due this day. 

April 18, 2015

ICDC is April 18-21, 2015. Make sure to let your instructors know at the beginning of the semester if you will be attending ICDC. This will help avoid problems later on. Also, training your members to compete will bring greater success with competitive events. Consider hosting a mock, or campus competition to give members an idea of what to expect. In addition, start fundraising early. There are plenty of tips and ideas on DECA Direct Online on how to successfully fundraise. To start, check out your school’s student government – often times, these student governments have access to funds, which are specifically designated for organizational events like ICDC.

If you put these deadlines into your calendar and work hard to achieve them, you are well on your way to a very successful year with your Collegiate DECA chapter.

Finally, make sure to you and your chapter members sign up for DECA Direct: Collegiate Edition emails, so you’ll always get important announcements and deadline reminders straight to your inbox.

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