3 Ways to Include DECA in Your College Admission Process

Today’s college application process is highly selective and students are looking for anyway to stand out.

It’s been said before that DECA doesn’t end when high school is over and in fact it continues to help you throughout your college journey. This is extremely true when you are applying to college as well.

Extracurricular activities play a major role in the application process and by including DECA in your college application, you can help yourself stand out from the crowd.

DECA exemplifies all of the traits colleges want to see in their applicants. Below are three different ways that you can use DECA to assist you in your college application process:

1. Include DECA on Your Resume

Some college applications allow you to include a resume that outlines your involvement in high school. This offers you an amazing opportunity to include your leadership positions, as well as events you’ve participated in. Your DECA skills can also help you ensure that your resume is well formatted. Colleges take resumes very seriously and they offer you an amazing way to stand apart. Take the necessary time to put together a strong resume and make sure to highlight what you’ve done in DECA!

2. Schedule an Interview

Another amazing opportunity that will allow you to stand apart is through an interview.  If the college you are applying to offers an option for an interview, I highly suggest that you schedule one. By sitting down with an admissions representative, you’ll be able to describe in detail what you’ve done with your time in DECA. It also provides an opportunity for your personality and interview skills to shine through. During the interview, make sure to emphasize what you’ve done in your high school career and how you’ve benefited during your time in DECA. Face to face communication can go a long way with admissions counselors and I strongly recommend taking advantage of it.

3. Email an Admissions Counselor

The simple gesture of emailing an admissions counselor can truly go a long way. An email can also allow you to go in depth about your time in DECA. This is very uncommon, yet a beneficial gesture that allows you to express why you are a well-qualified candidate. You can also attach your resume that further outlines your involvement. This extra step can go a long way in regards to the application process.

Don’t forget that there are many colleges and universities on DECA’s National Advisory Board. These institutions understand the incredible impact DECA has on high school students and seeing a DECA member within their applicant pool would be a huge bonus for you! While checking out which college and universities are on DECA’s NAB, be sure to also see what scholarships are available through other NAB members as well!

These are three ways that you can incorporate DECA into your college admission process. Remember that DECA has given you the skills necessary to succeed and it’s your job to make sure the colleges your applying to know that.

Spend the time necessary time and go the extra mile to make sure your application stand out!

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