This Winter Break, Don't Take a Break from Your Passport Program!

Happy holidays Collegiate DECA members! This time of year there are a lot of things going through your mind; spending time with family and friends, savoring good food, and making memories for years to come. One thing that’s probably not on your mind (but should be) is the Individual Passport Program!

Being away from your chapter doesn’t mean that you can’t work on making strides towards completing your Individual Passport! Here are five things that you can do in the comfort of your own home:

1. Work on your DECA Direct Article.

Use the time away from the hustle and bustle of school to focus on an article that you are passionate about. Talk about what your chapter has done in the past semester, and what they are looking forward to next year.

2. Write a press release for your school.

While your editor juices are flowing, keep them going by writing a press release for your own chapter. Highlight an important event from the past semester and submit it to your campus’s public relations or marketing department for recognition and publishing. It’s also a great way to get publicity for your chapter!

3. Polish up your resume.

Having a clean, concise, one-page resume is important for any college student. Use the time at home to reflect on the past year and update all pertinent information. Make sure that you keep your resume updated every few months. You never know when you may need it!

4. Write your own case study.

When you think about what you can do to help your chapter members learn and grow, a case study is a no-brainer. Take the holiday break to write your own! Not only will it test your creative thinking, but having your peers compete and evaluate it will help you all learn and grow as Collegiate DECA Members.

5. Apply for a DECA Scholarship.

No matter what degree you’re working towards, DECA scholarships are here to help! The DECA scholarship page has many options for Collegiate DECA members to look at. Not only will the scholarship help financially, but it also checks off a box for the Passport Program!

By working on these points and more, I am challenging YOU to make sure you earn an Individual Passport Program award, or help your chapter receive a Leadership Passport Award!

Represent yourself and your school by completing the program for a chance to walk across the stage at the International Career Development Conference in April in beautiful Orlando, Fla.!

Now, enjoy your holidays, and get to work!

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