Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Case

Public speaking, whether in front of two judges or an auditorium full of people, can either be some people's worst nightmare.

You don't want you fear to stand in your way of achieving DECA competitive event glory though, do you?

Then you need to check out these five steps to help you rock your role-plays this year and conquer your fear of public speaking.

1. Be Engaging

A judge needs to be engaged during your role-play or he or she will tune out! Ensure your judge that you are confident and in control. If you’re speaking in a monotone and weak voice, then he or she will think you do not know what you’re doing. A super enthusiastic person who is passionate about their points will give the judge a more professional and polished performance.

2. Make Up Stories

Your judge has seen hundreds of role-plays that day and you do not want to be just another one! You need to differentiate yourself and "be the purple cow!" Talk about corporate picnics or mention that you loved their article in marketing weekly. They will be surprised to see you've put so much effort into your role!

3. Use Real World Experiences

When you are going through your performance indicators its best to have an example from real life! It shows that you are knowledgeable and prepared for what you are doing. Your judge will be so impressed that you will most likely get extra marks in your category!

4. Don't Overload

Your judge is listening to 10 minutes of you constantly speaking so make sure not to overload him information! In each performance indicator make sure not to have more than three major points. If you have seven points that you wiz through, your judge may not remember any of them! However, if you have three amazing points that you go in detail with, he will he sure to remember what you've said and know you are confident with your ideas.

5. Summarize

The last thing you need to do is summarize. At the end of the case study your judge may not have heard some points or got lost on your train of thought. That's why summarizing what you've talked about and emphasizing your main points will remind him of all the amazing things you've said.

In the end, if you really want to beat those role-play jitters, just remember to be yourself, speak loudly and clearly, and really mean what you say. If you follow these tips then you'll be sure to ace your case! 

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