Q&A With Georgia DECA's Asher Thompson

There were a lot of contributing factors that led me to be where I am today in DECA, and Asher Thompson was one of them.

I first met him at my local officer installation and was inspired by his story. I figured if his story could inspire me, maybe it could help other members too!

Check out my interview with Asher below and make sure to follow him on Twitter @Asher_gadeca!

How many years have you been involved with DECA? Four years

How many years have you competed in DECA? I have competed all four years.

What is your favorite DECA memory? My favorite deca memory is getting called onstage at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) for the first time in Anaheim, California (2013). That year I was recognized for my test score, and the next year in Atlanta (2014) I moved on to finals.

Describe the influence your advisors have had on you. I have always had a great relationship with my advisors. They really empowered me to campaign for association office and I am so indebted to them for all that they do for me.

Describe your favorite ICDC. My favorite was the 2013 conference in Anaheim. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of being in California and all the activities including Disneyland, and it was the first year I got to do both competition and leadership training. It was a blast.

Describe your chapter experience. I come from a chapter that is consistently in the top ten in regards to membership, so my chapter experience isn’t very typical. I have really enjoyed being in a chapter with so many members because there is such a great diversity of interest, from making lifelong friends to future business partners. The friendship I have made in my chapter will last a lifetime.

Why did you decide to run for association officer? My freshman year when I went to the association conference and I saw the officers speaking on stage, I was immediately drawn to it. I knew I was young and doubted my ability to put together a quality campaign, but the next year I started doing research about it online and then I discovered that I actually did have a chance to earn a position on the team. I was the first one at my school to ever consider running for office for a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) and I have had amazing support from my entire school.

Did you choose your first association action team position or were you slated? I chose my first position as the Executive Vice President.

Why did you choose Executive Vice President? I had served as a local officer that year and so I had an opportunity to develop my leadership skills through that experience.  I was only a sophomore when I ran, though, so I didn’t feel confident I would be able to achieve President right away, and that left me with the opportunity to move up to President my second year in office.

Which association officer influenced you the most? My freshman year there was only one male officer named Taylor Wingard who was serving as President. I was so impressed with the way he and the entire officer team carried themselves, that by closing session my freshman year I knew I wanted to be where he was my senior year.

What are your career goals? I want to study business management and administration and I am excited to discover new concentrations before I decide on one.

Where would you like to attend college? I’m in the middle of applications right now and there are three that I would really like to attend, all in the Southern United States.

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