The 5 S's to DECA's Competitive Events Super Success System

Most DECA members would agree that their main passion within DECA is competing. This gives each member an opportunity to demonstrate their business knowledge, which awards him or her with the chance to attend amazing events such as DECA’s International Career Development Conference.

The Competitive Events Super Success System learning lab at the 2014 Ultimate DECA power Trip focused on all of the steps each chapter and individual member needs to take in order to to get ICDC, and to be able to win.

Jen Hendrickson, DECA Inc.’s own content specialist, was the perfect person to teach this learning lab. Her passion for DECA’s competitive events was evident through her body language and excitement as she spoke. In addition, she has first-hand experience with working with DECA members to prepare them for competition because of her many years as chapter advisor. Hendrickson did not even need to explain her background to fully captivate me though. I was already engaged from the second she started talking – her passion was contagious!

“If it’s free, it’s for me!” is something I have heard many DECA members say, therefore whenever someone gives out something during one of the learning labs, it captivates everyone further. Hendrickson gave each of us our own packet that outlined her tips on how to be successful in competitions, and also guided us on how to prepare notes for our own chapters.

As someone who focuses almost all of my time for competition, I found that Hendrickson’s presentation and her free helpful tips to be the most valuable thing I got all day. I was given new ideas for my chapter, Middletown DECA in Connecticut, and I personally feel more prepared for competition this year.

Share, spirit, strategy, success and survey were the five S’s that Hendrickson focused on pertaining to competition. How a chapter applies these and how each individual does as well, affects success at competition.

Hendrickson finished off her lesson with this quote, and I see it fitting to end with as well: “Succeed, exceed, and have an awesome time.”

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