Meet the 2014 Power Trip Power Team

DECA is pleased to announce that 10 North Atlantic and Southern Region DECA members have been selected to be on the 2014 Power Trip Power Team.

The Power Trip Power Team will be responsible for capturing and reporting the top moments of the 2014 Ultimate DECA Power Trip.

Congratulations to this year’s team members!

Kathryn Aiken – New Hampshire DECA Association Officer – @kait_aik

"I thrive on keeping people informed while having fun. I would look forward to advertising the benefits of DECA through social media."

Tanner Bailey – South Granville DECA Vice President of Publicity (N.C.) – @tanner414207

"As Vice President of Publicity for my DECA chapter, my key job function and everything I do is related to the responsibilities of the Power Trip Power Team."

Virginia Bulger – Virginia DECA President – @Bulge_97

"My energetic spirit and loud personality quickly catches people's attention and leaves an impact. I love retelling my stories and my intention is always to pass on my love for DECA."

Austin Burket – Pennsylvania DECA Vice President – @DECA_Austin

"I am a social media and DECA addict! I live for DECA and whenever given the opportunity, I will do whatever I can to help promote and grow DECA!"

Jerryme Chope – Braxton County DECA Treasurer (W.V.) – @ochopeyo

"To be part of the power team, you must have passion for DECA. Not only for yourself, but for others too. To lend a helping hand when needed and to always be ready to take a leader role in everything they do."

Katherine Connelly – Middletown DECA (Conn.) – @kt_connelly

"I will constantly be observing what is happening and capturing amazing moments to share with everyone through social media. It would mean the world to me to be a part of the Power Trip Power Team, and it would make my experience on the Power Trip that much more memorable."

Steven Hairston – West Virginia DECA President – @0Scuba_Steve1

"As a part of the Power Team, I will use my communication skills to share the experience with my fellow members. To me, social media is the best form of communication and marketing in this age."

Niayai Lavien – North Carolina DECA Metrolina Vice President – @NiayaiDECA

"I have extensive knowledge of DECA, and I love communicating and networking with other members!"

Tyler McBee – Texas DECA Vice President of Social Media  – @TylerMcBeeDECA

 "My skills in social media and passion for people will properly equip me for the types of tasks I would be fulfilling on the Power Trip Power Team."

Emily Parsons – Virginia DECA Region 5 Vice President – @EmilyP_VADECA

 "I have experience of being on a previous DECA conference social media team and I am very savvy with Twitter, Dacebook, and Instagram."

Be sure to follow these team members on Twitter so you can stay up to date with everything happening in D.C. during the #DECAPowerTrip!

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