DECA's NAB Communications Committee Holds First Meeting

DECA’s National Advisory Board (NAB) Communications/Marketing Committee held its first committee meeting on October 15, 2014.

The three goals of this committee are to engage and collaborate NAB partners with sharing content/articles on DECA Direct Online, staying active in DECA’s social media presence, and improving the effectiveness of DECA’s media kit.

During the first meeting, the focus was on content for DECA Direct and how to measure the success. The plan for this first goal is for each NAB partner to inventory their company libraries and identify articles, videos and blogs that could support the College + Career section of DECA Direct Online.

In addition, DECA staff will survey DECA chapters and identify what chapters are looking for on the website that they would find useful (i.e. how to prepare for college, opportunities within the hospitality industry).

The NAB Communications/Marketing Committee consist of the following NAB partners:

DECA appreciates the involvement of all our NAB partners that serve on this committee and the entire NAB as a whole for their input and partnerships as DECA implements the strategic plan, Vision 2017.

Please contact co-chairs Ken DiSaia (Johnson & Wales University), Patrick Boylan (PDC Productions) for additional information on this committee, or Cindy Allen and Chris Young with DECA staff.

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