Use DECA Month to Prep for Districts!

For DECA members, November and December mean #DECAMonth, fall conferences and upcoming district competition!

These role-play tips and tricks will help you become a better competitor and maybe your next role-play competition will take you all the way to Orlando for the 2015 DECA International Career Development Conference!

First Impressions Last Forever

  • Make sure you give your judge a handshake. Giving a firm hand shake with two or three pumps sets the tone for the role play.
  • Ask your judge to be seated, before taking your seat. 
  • Introduce yourself to your judge as the person that you are playing and address you judge as they are according to the role play that you received. If they are playing a manager, CEO or boss; make sure that you respect them as such.
  • Be on time and prepared for your role play because once you start talking, the time starts going. You are typically given 10 minutes which is more than enough to talk about all the information. You are always given a sufficient amount of time to write and talk.

Completed Competencies are Key

  • Read your prompt thoroughly and gather as much information as you can. Trying to retain the information will help you when you have to present. Information about the background of your company and the issue is all important.
  • No matter how great your presentation is, if you don’t address all the issues within the role-play, you won’t be able to get the maximum amounts possible
  • Be sure to address all the competencies. What I like to do is fold my paper given to me into the number of competencies on my role play. If there are 5 competencies, I fold my paper into 5 boxes. If you prefer you can make a bubble map or a flow chart in the order of the competencies do that!

Stand Out!

  • There is a concept in psychology called recency and primacy. Primacy means that you remember the first person that you see after seeing many people. Recency means that you remember the last person that you see after seeing many people. Don’t let this happen to you.
  • In order to become a medalist, finalist or place at your district competition you need to stand out!
  • Your judge is going to see tons of people. Do something that will make you memorable.
  • That includes making a business card with the paper that your given, making a chart to show to your judge or making a small fodable that you can explain to your judge.
  • Remember! All of these things are secondary. You need to make sure that you address your prompt thoroughly and all the competencies. The goal is to get the maxium amount of points!

I hope all of these tips and tricks help you when you go to your competition this year. Make sure that you study and prepare. Preparation is key when it comes to things like role-plays. Good luck and use November and #DECAMonth to proclaim, “ I am DECA!”

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