Get Recognized for Your Chapter's Entrepreneurial Spirit During DECA Month

Global Entrepreneurship Week is fast approaching. What does your chapter have planned for November 17-23?

Whatever cool entrepreneurship-related activities your chapter has planned, be sure you get recognized for your efforts. The DECA GEW Campaign is the best way to engage all your members during Global Entrepreneurship Week and get recognition for your activities.


Prior to November 17:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Add Your Event/Activity” under “Get Involved” found on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. Select your country in which you reside. You will be redirected to that country's GEW website.
  4. Click on “Create New Account”
  5. Provide the appropriate information in the required fields.
  6. Once all information has been provided, click “Create New Account.”
  7. Be sure to register all the activities your chapter has planned for the week.


Your chapter's activities must be registered to earn recognition for the campaign. But, more importantly, registering with GEW allows them to show off the great work that our chapters are doing worldwide during Global Entrepreneurship Week. It can even put your community in the running for GEW City of the Year. GEW is boosting their focus on cities that are growing in entrepreneurship and your local chapter support helps highlight your city.


This year's campaign requires three submissions in the DECA Idea Challenge. This is a great activity to integrate into your classroom instruction or do as a school-wide activity to promote Global Entrepreneurship Week. Check out the most recent DECA Direct article on "How to Use the DECA Idea Challenge 2014 in Your Classroom."

Once you've completed all the campaign activities submit your campaign by December 1, 2014, and get recognized.

For more information on Global Entrepreneurship Week visit For information on DECA's GEW Campaign, contact Sandra Tucker,

Follow Sandra on Twitter @stuckerdeca.

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