Complete Your Chapter Campaigns During DECA Month!

November not only means it’s the greatest time of the year to be a DECA member (hello #DECAMonth!) but it also means that is only one month left to complete and submit four of DECA’s five chapter campaigns.

December 1, 2014, marks the deadline for all activities to be entered in for DECA’s Membership Campaigns, Promotional Campaign, Community Service Campaign and Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign.

Lucky for you, DECA Month combines all the best parts of DECA, making it easy to complete any last minute required activities for these campaigns. Check out these ideas your chapter can use during November to complete DECA’s Chapter Campaigns:

Membership Campaign

  • Let non-members know about DECA Month by showing them #DECAMonth on Twitter and Instagram. Seeing the incredible DECA community, as well as learning about all the opportunities available, will surely help you secure the additional members you need to reach the campaign’s requirements.
  • Nothing invites former DECA members back like a trip down memory lane. Re-connect with your chapter’s alumni during #DECAMonth and ask them to participate in the 30 Day Selfie Challenge. Once they’re remembering all the amazing times they had as a member, they’ll be so excited to join again as an alumni member!
  • Need help convincing business professionals in your community to join as professional members? Why not invite them to a DECA Month party or social at your school in November and let them see for themselves with DECA is really all about.

Global Entrepreneurship Campaign (November 17 – 23)

  • The DECA Idea Challenge is back! Get all the tools and resources you need to complete this challenge, and earn credit for this campaign, at
  • Remember how you were going to invite alumni to participate in the 30 Day Selfie Challenge and reconnect with them during #DECAMonth? Why not use this as an opportunity to also get three stories from alumni who are now entrepreneurs? It’s a win-win!
  • There is so much to share during GEW, it would be impossible to not create three school/community outreach activities! Share the DECA Idea Challenge with a local elementary school, hold an assembly at your school to celebrate entrepreneurs, or host a party for successful entrepreneurs in your community.

Promotional Campaign

  • Does the rest of your school know what DECA Month is? Do they even know what DECA is? #DECAMonth is the perfect opportunity to reach out to other students in your school by hosting a DECA Week, an assembly for new students or decorating lockers around the school with DECA spirit.
  • Remember those alumni you were reaching out to for the Membership and GEW Campaign? Guess what – by just asking three of them to share their success now, in college or their careers, you can check this requirement off too!
  • DECA Month has phenomenal opportunities for your chapter to get out into the community, such as attending a school board meeting to share #DECAMonth activities and helping other schools or CTE’s as they gear up for competition/conference season.

Community Service Campaign

  • While the fall is a wonderful time to celebrate, for some in your community, it can be a very difficult time instead. Situations like the changing seasons or holidays can be hard for those with lesser means. Use DECA Month as a chance to host a coast drive, gather food to share with families on Thanksgiving or start collecting toys and gifts for next month!
  • Worried you won’t be able to get 75% of your chapter to participate? Why not use the 30 Days Selfie Challenge or the #IamDECA Video Challenge to encourage your members to attend. Let them know you’ll be taking selfies to share with @DECAInc or filming parts for your chapter’s video. They won’t want to miss their chance to be #DECAFamous!
  • With all the social media buzz floating throughout Instagram and the Twittersphere during #DECAMonth, creating a little publicity for your community service activity will be a piece of cake! Why not get creative and make an Instagram video, or create an event hashtag and make a photo booth so attendees can share their own memories from your event too?

Make the most of November and #DECAMonth by using it to finish those last requirements in the DECA Chapter Campaign. Your chapter will be cruising to Orlando for the 2014 International Career Development Conference in no time thanks to all your hard work this #DECAMonth!

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