Everything You Need for DECA Month 2014

Every DECA member's favorite time of the year is finally here: DECA Month!

DECA Month is the ultimate celebration of everything DECA. From thanking your advisor, to remembering wonderful DECA trips and times, to throwing parties and sharing the DECA story with everyone in your community and school, November is all about the many reasons you love being a DECA member. 

To make DECA Month even more special this year, DECA has created two challenges to get you engaged with other members from around the world and to share your creativity and passion for the diamond.

#DECAMonth 30 Day Selfie Challenge

Can you share a selfie every day of November? We'll find out in the #DECAMonth 30 Day Selfie Challenge! Each day of November, post a selfie that corresponds with that day's theme and remember to use #DECAMonth and #IamDECA in every photo, so the entire DECA community can see and like your image!

You can use and share this challenge calendar below, or download the #DECAMonth 30 Day Selfie Challenge PDF to share in your DECA class, so all your members know each day's theme.

DECA Month #IamDECA Video Challenge

We know there are some incredibly talented DECA members out there, so this DECA Month we're challenge you to create the most creative #IamDECA video! You must share your video in Instagram, so it can only be 15 seconds long, but we encourage you to use apps like Flipgram and Hyperlapse to pack as much DECA into your video as you possibly can! Share your video on Instagram by November 30 and you must include the following hashtags: #DECAMonth, #IamDECA and #IamDECAVideoChallenge.

Want to share DECA Month on all your social media channels too? This Facebook album has all the images you need to decorate your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages during November. Feel free to take these images and share #DECAMonth with all of your own followers and friends! 

DECA Month is the best time of year to be a DECA member and we cannot wait to see your selfies, videos, tweets and more this November!

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