The NAB Collegiate Committee Holds First Meeting

DECA’s National Advisory Board (NAB) Collegiate Committee held its first meeting on Monday, October 13, 2014. One of five committees created by the NAB Executive Committee, this group is focused on growing and strengthening both DECA’s Collegiate Chapters and DECA’s college and university partners.

During the call, the committee made a plan for each committee member to develop a list of current colleges and universities their company currently partners with and provide this list to DECA. Both DECA and our NAB partners will then reach out to these colleges and universities to invite them to DECA events and conferences.

Through outreach and engagement, the NAB Collegiate Committee hopes to be a driving force in helping DECA strengthen college relations.

The NAB Collegiate Committee includes:

DECA thanks all of our NAB partners participating on DECA’s NAB Collegiate Committee for their continued support of DECA’s programs.

For more information on DECA’s NAB College Committee, please contact committee chair Nick Collins (Publix) or DECA staff member Nick Edwards.

Follow Nick Edwards on Twitter at @decanickedwards.

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