Tips and Tricks for Celebrating DECA Month

Mark your calendars because DECA Month is right around the corner! November is jam packed with football, turkey, pretty trees (except in Florida), and lots and lots of DECA!

DECA Month is an amazing opportunity to get your new members involved and show a little appreciation for your returning members.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when planning out DECA activities:

  1. Plan activities that will benefit your current members and advisors.

Your current members and advisors work hard throughout the year and put a lot of time and effort into fundraising, community service, and competition!  Use DECA month as an opportunity to show them your appreciation. For high school students, some food at a chapter meeting can go a long way!

  1. Plan activities that will help you recruit new members.

Show other students in your school how much fun it is to be in DECA! DECA Month can be a great recruitment tool to add more members to your DECA family. Be sure to invite potential members to your DECA Month parties or events, encourage non-members to check out your chapter’s social media pages to see what DECA Month posts you’ve shared, and let them know that #DECAMonth is full of other members’ posts from around the world sharing their love for DECA too.

  1. Plan activities that will get your community involved.

Getting your community involved in DECA Month is not an easy task, but the benefits can be enormous. When local businesses see DECA supporting the community, they will be more inclined to become a business partner of your chapter and possibly make a donation to help fund your trip to DECA’s International Career Development Conference! Also, getting a proclamation from your city commission recognizing DECA Month is an amazing goal for your chapter!

Don’t forget to use #DECAMonth all month long to share photos of your chapter's DECA Month activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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