Celebrating Collegiate #DECAMonth in November

It’s almost that best time of year to be a DECA member because DECA Month is just one month away!

Show your chapter what DECA Month really means by offering events aimed at engaging your members in professional, academic, and community activities. This is an excellent opportunity to give leadership, promotional, and organizational experience to your members.

Below I offer a small list of activities that you can do in the classroom, and beyond, to help make this DECA Month the best ever!

Learn With Your Members

Invite business leaders and professionals to your classroom or chapter meeting to share their experiences with your members. Local business leaders are a wealth of information and can provide direction to students who are deciding their majors or career aspirations. If you are having trouble finding someone to come in, just remember that everyone has connections. Take a poll and determine as a chapter who would be the most interesting and beneficial guest speaker.

Study What Counts

Study aspects of business and key disciplines that your members are interested in. Practice some case studies to allow students to apply this knowledge in a practical way. This can be very useful as a learning tool for students, considering that finals are coming up.

Serve Your Community

Another great way to increase a group synergy is to perform community service activities to promote a cause. Have your members organize and/or participate in an event that is important to them. It can be anything from raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, to helping pick up trash at a local park. Remember that in the realm of charity, every little bit helps.

Participate With Us

In addition to these, you can also join Collegiate DECA in New York for Collegiate DECA’s Collegiate Leadership Academy. #DECACLA offers members an excellent opportunity to participate and learn from one of five tracks that follow a specific aspect of business. This provides members with a chance to meet business professionals in their field of interest. Learn more online.

Also have your members show off their creative minds in the DECA Idea Challenge. On November 13, 2014, an item will be announced that a team must determine an innovative use for. Submissions must be entered by November 20, making for a very fast-paced competition. For more information please visit http://www.gew.co/challenge

Finally, share with everyone your DECA experience throughout DECA Month with #DECAMonth on all social media outlets.

Best of luck in all of your awesome activities, and let’s make this the best DECA Month yet!

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