What Constitutes Success?

What constitutes success? That is the question I asked myself when writing this article.

Eventually, I used the networking skills DECA has taught me throughout the years to reach out to past DECA members and find out how DECA contributed to their own success.

I came across some of the most genuine and interesting people I’ve ever met. It does not surprise me that they are Norristown DECA alumni. Below are the stories of Dons Ngyen, Sara Khan, and Rasheed Matthews, three proud DECA alumni, who no doubt embody this year’s theme, “I am DECA.”

We start with Rasheed Matthews, a student at Howard University who plans to major in computer technology and pursue a job at Accenture. He was forced to join DECA by his older sister and competed in the Retail Services Marketing event, where he climbed the ranks over the years to make it to the international conference in Orlando, Fla. Besides that, he enjoyed the networking capabilities, tourism opportunities, and fun memories DECA provided. Beyond that, he was able to hold a position as chapter president, learning how to balance this responsibility with his sports committeemen’s. Ultimately, DECA guided him toward his career aspirations. “Being successful is showing and helping people,” Rasheed said like a true DECA member.

Next, we move on to Dons Ngyen, a successful student at Temple University. Dons was able to make it to DECA’s International Career Development Conference numerous times and the network opportunities there provided great opportunities for him. He believes the competitive atmosphere of DECA helps make members aggressive in the business world, which helps them achieve the goals they want. Ultimately, Dons was able to meet a great amount of people, and believes DECA exposed him to a future career. Dons credits DECA to helping him find his focus in life, just one of the many great, invaluable perks that DECA provides to all members.

Finally, we move on to Sara Khan, who is a current CNN employee. She was lured into DECA her senior year and ended up loving it. She made it to the association level of competition, and enjoyed the aspect of hanging out with her friends while networking with other members. It looked great on her college application, and Sara enjoyed the fact that an DECA brought so many smart people together. Judging by her success at CNN, the business knowledge Sara gained in DECA did not go to waste.

The mutual love for our advisor, Mr. Shaw, and the vivid and fun memories of participating in our charity dodge ball event prove that Norristown DECA provides irreplaceable virtues and memories. DECA now, DECA forever.

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