DECA Announces 2014-2015 FIDM Challenge

Do you think you have what it takes to forecast next fall's top fashion trends?

If so, you should participate in the 2015 FIDM Challenge to showcase your creativity and fashion talents!

First, participants in the FIDM Challenge will forecast a fashion trend for fall/autumn 2015.

Second, participants will style an outfit that your demographic (consumer) would wear depicting this up and coming trend. Show us an example of your trend. You may spend no more than $20 total on materials. You can also create the “trend/look” from your closet.

Third, participants must explain why, based on their research, they believe in their trend forecast.

Video presentations will be posted on YouTube for evaluation. Videos over five minutes in length will not be evaluated and will not be eligible for awards. Video presentations will be evaluated on resourc­es, trend/look, creativity, and on the overall look, style and feel of the video presentation.

Challenge participant/s will make presentations to FIDM executives and instructors via videos post­ed on YouTube.

Interested chapters must fully complete and submit the online registration form no later than Febru­ary 6, 2015, to be eligible for awards. Late entries will not be accepted.

FIDM will evaluate all submitted video presentations and select the top three overall teams. From the final three videos, an overall winning team will be selected. The trend/look of the grand prize winning team will be shown at the 2015 International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Fla.

More information and complete challenge guidelines are available online.

Good luck to all participants!

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