Top 10 Ways to Introduce DECA to Your Potential Members

It’s a new school year and a new start for your DECA chapter. If you are also new to DECA you’re probably wondering, “Where do I begin?”

Over the years, veteran advisors have shared their advice on how to bring DECA to their classroom starting on day one. Many will tell you the best place to start is with a simple introduction.

Here are 10 different ways you can introduce DECA to your students, parents and administrators as you start your new school year.

  1. Provide a “Welcome to DECA” packet that includes a welcome letter with information on DECA and an invitation to join, your chapter’s calendar of events, a list of your officers and how to connect with them, and a membership form.
  2. Show the DECA promotional video to all your classes. Use social media to share the link to the DECA promotional video and ask students to share with their parents.
  3. As an in-class activity, introduce students to DECA Direct Online and have them research and report on articles related to their career interests.
  4. Have your leadership team create a presentation to share with potential members.
  5. Have upperclassmen who were in DECA last year share their DECA stories with your classes.
  6. Invite alumni members to visit your classes and share how DECA has impacted their career journey.
  7. Create a bulletin board that showcases your chapter’s calendar of events for the year and features your leadership team and their personal DECA stories.
  8. Host a “Welcome Back to School” breakfast for your guidance counselors and administrative staff and share your chapter’s goals for the year.
  9. Host a “Back to School” event in your School-based Enterprise.
  10. Write a letter to your students’ parents and your school’s administrative staff and invite them to become professional members!

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