Supporting Your 2015 DECA Public Relations Project

As your summer comes to an end, you may begin to consider topics for your team’s 2015 DECA Public Relations Project. The most rewarding PR challenge you can face as DECA competitors will benefit others by spreading a crucial message about their futures.

A message that too many students miss is about Selective Service System registration. Students who take on Selective Service as a Public Relations project topic can make a real difference in their communities by working to spread awareness.

As you may know, the law requires that virtually all 18-year-old men living in the U.S. register with the Selective Service System, regardless of citizenship status. Men who fail to register by their 26th birthday can be permanently barred from receiving federal student loans, federally funded job training programs, good government jobs, and even driver’s licenses in some states.

Selective Service teamed with DECA staff to create a webinar providing chapters with the opportunity to utilize the Selective Service System's PR firm to assist with the project. The PR firm shares tips for launching a successful PR campaign, online resources that have been tested in the field, and ongoing support for students and advisors as they develop campaigns.

If you and your team would like to know more about taking on the Selective Service System for its 2015 Public Relations project, please watch last year’s DECA webinar, visit the Registration Resources website for marketing materials, or contact

Follow Selective Service System on Twitter @SSS_gov.

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