3 Ways to Increase the “I am DECA” Presence in Your School

This year’s DECA theme is better than ever and that means you have more opportunities to show your school why saying, “I am DECA,” is the best part about being a member.

Not sure how to proclaim #IamDECA at your school? Here are three easy ideas to help you out!

1. Host a DECA Event

After a summer of not seeing your DECA family, what better way to gather a group of voices saying, “I am DECA!” than to host a DECA event? The best DECA memories I have are always the events that were held by my DECA chapter. Some DECA event ideas include:

First DECA Meeting of the School Year

  • Communicate your chapter’s goals for the year
  • Welcome your DECA members back
  • Share any “I am DECA” experiences from the summer

Fundraiser Event

  • A great way to engage your members
  • Begin to fundraise for upcoming conferences (It’s NEVER too early!)
  • Start to create the funds your chapter may need for upcoming events

Promotional Event

  • Reach out to new potential members
  • Host a club rush to showcase DECA’s positive impacts and opportunities
  • Post DECA flyers all around your school

2. Create or Update Your DECA Board

If you don’t have a DECA board yet, I highly encourage you to find a designated location in your school to showcase your DECA’s activities, communicate information to all members and share “I am DECA” stories. A great place to locate you chapter’s DECA board is outside your DECA advisor’s classroom or somewhere near the business department in your school.

A great way to draw attention to your DECA board is to include pictures of your chapter’s previous activities, add lights or poster lights around the border of your DECA board, post DECA informational handouts for members to access and use a catchy “I am DECA” sign to promote this year’s theme.

Quick Tips:

  • Be precise with the information being posted
  • Post your DECA board where many students walk by
  • Use flashy colors to catch people’s attention

3. Make a Promotional DECA Video

What better way to say, “I am DECA,” in your school than to actually say, “I am DECA,” to your school? Make a video highlighting DECA’s programs and the activities your chapter is involved in throughout the year.

  • Engage your members to participate in the creation of your promotional video
  • Share member’s “I am DECA” stories
  • Use your school’s television station and social media as resource to present your video

No matter what activity you chose, the important part is just to get out there and proclaim, “I am DECA!” to everyone around you. The school year goes by faster than you may think, so don’t hesitate to start planning and executive your #IamDECA activity today. Be sure to also snap a photo for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to show @DECAInc your awesome #IamDECA activity!

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