3 Magical Career Lessons from a Mouse

I had an amazing trip to the World Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla., at the end of June thanks to DECA’s incredible new partnership with Walt Disney and its Youth Education Programs.

While I was walking around the parks, meeting Disney executives and enjoying the entire Walt Disney World experience, I learned a few things that can be applied to virtually any career.


No matter who you talk to at Disney, it is evident through their cheerful disposition and positive energy that they love working there, and they aren’t shy about telling you!  The second you step foot onto a Walt Disney World resort or theme park, there is not one ounce of negativity floating through the air, which just adds to the already magical experience.


Disney is the master of customer service! Disney understands its customers and realizes that their decision to save up their money or use their one-week of vacation for a trip to Walt Disney World means they are expecting the very best experience for themselves and their families. Each employee is trained with one thing in mind and that is to deliver the best vacation experience to every single customer who steps foot on Disney property. When exceptional customer service is at the forefront of your responsibilities, its easy to create meaningful relationships that bring back families for generations to come.


Everyone’s heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” and it really is true! A mentor can offer you career advice, aid you when you have questions and help you navigate the sometimes-tricky corporate ladder. This is something that many of the executives at Disney spoke to me about. Even has high school or college students, finding a mentor is a great first step to building as support system to help you achieve every professional goal you have. As important as having a mentor is, I believe it is even more important to be a mentor. You can help younger DECA members get involved in your chapter early on, share advice with younger siblings or just be there for strangers who can really use some a helping hand.

Mickey sure is one smart mouse and I cannot thank Walt Disney World enough for the incredible experience I had getting a behind-the-scenes look at the most magical company on Earth!

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