Apartment Industry Offers Numerous Part-Time Jobs for College Students Looking for Real-World Experience

Buy books, attend freshman orientation, register for classes, find a place to live, apply for a part-time job—those are just a few of the items likely to be found on the checklists of thousands of high school seniors as they graduate and prepare for college in the fall.

Many have probably already found a place to live and will take care of other tasks (e.g. buying books, registering for classes, etc.) during summer visits to campus. The tough part might be in finding a part-time job that will accommodate their class schedules while also providing them with valuable career and leadership experience. Many have to look no farther than the front office of their own apartment community or residence hall.

On-campus and off-campus student housing communities offer a wide variety of part-time student jobs that can provide experience in areas such as customer service, problem-solving, sales, marketing, management, event coordination, conflict resolution and communications.

For example, Greystar Student Living hires college students as community assistants who live at the property and work part-time for the community. Community assistants serve as student liaisons, event planners and marketers.

“Working for a community while in college will help prepare students for success after graduation,” said Missy Riley, director of strategic staffing and recruiting for Greystar. “They gain valuable insight as to how a community operates day-to-day.”

Riley said Greystar Student Living typically employs anywhere from five to eight students at each of its student communities, depending on the size of the community.

Many off-campus student-housing properties also hire students to serve as part-time leasing consultants. They give property tours to prospective tenants, lease apartments and respond to resident requests and issues. This type of position can offer college students practical sales and marketing experience that looks great on a resume. A part-time job as a leasing consultant is often the first step on that career path for students interested in one day pursuing an apartment career.

To find a job as a community assistant or leasing consultant, stop by an apartment community near your university and ask them what part-time opportunities they offer.

Community assistants and leasing consultants are just two types of positions filled by college students. College students also may work as maintenance technicians or marketing assistants or in a wide variety of other positions. We encourage you to stop by a student housing community in your area or visit student housing company websites to learn about part-time opportunities.

You can learn more about the apartment industry and the career opportunities it offers at WeAreApartments.org or ApartmentCareerHQ.org.

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