Top Three Summer Activities to Maintain DECA Momentum

When you’re a DECA advisor, it’s hard to stop the momentum even when summer arrives. You’re excited that school is out and you’re ready to start that well deserved summer vacation, but you just can’t stop thinking about what’s next with DECA.

If you want to get a head start and be ready when school starts again, consider these top three tips from experienced advisors who continue to keep the DECA momentum going even throughout the summer.

1. Get motivated through professional development and collaboration.

This is your opportunity to refresh your motivation, garner new ideas and activities for your classroom and enhance your instructional methods.

  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities offered by your school system and chartered association.
  • Schedule time to meet up with colleagues to collaborate and work on plans for the upcoming year.
  • Connect with your mentor this summer and discuss new ways to engage all your students in DECA.

2. Integrate more DECA.

Engaging every member in your classroom is easy with DECA. We have the resources to help your students prepare for college and careers.

3. Prepare your leadership team.

Summer is a great time to get your chapter leadership team motivated and ready for the upcoming year.

  • Consider a summer training program with team building activities and goal setting. Give them a chance to get to know each other’s talents and skills sets. This will help with task management all year.
  • Have your leadership team start your chapter’s program of work this summer. This will help you be prepared on the first day of school to recruit your members, if not sooner.
  • Plan out your DECA activities calendar with your team so that it’s available to your potential members when school starts.

It’s easy to take DECA with you all summer long, and be sure to share all your summertime activities using #SummerofDECA on social media!

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