DECA’s Incoming Executive President to Visit The Walt Disney World Resort

What is Zack Schaja going to do first as DECA’s 2014-2105 Executive President for the High School Division?

He’s going to the Walt Disney World Resort!

In conjunction with DECA’s newest partnership with Disney’s Youth Education Series, Zack will be taking an exciting trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla., to learn more about the opportunities available to DECA members through Disney.

Plus, Zack will also go on exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, meet with Disney’s leadership team and learn more about Disney’s incredible operations.

In unprecedented fashion, Mickey Mouse joined DECA at its 68th annual International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Ga., to make the announcement. Mickey and Jessica Savage-Penso, Sales Development Manager for Disney Youth Programs, presented Zack with his very own personalized Mickey Mouse ears and a coveted Mousecar for his achievement in DECA and for helping DECA and Disney launch an exciting new partnership.

Disney deeply values what DECA members are learning and doing and supports DECA Inc.’s commitment to developing the emerging leaders of tomorrow.

We can only assume that Zack’s trip to the Walt Disney World Resort this summer will be a springboard of excitement for next year’s 69th annual International Career Development Conference, which will be held in Orlando, Fla.!

Read more about DECA's new partnership with Disney's Youth Education Series here.

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