Remember These Two Words During Your Competition

You have made it. You are the best of your association and are now on your way to the International Career Development Conference!

You are going to be competing again hundreds of other participants in the same category as you, but you don’t need to worry! Not only have you practiced and are prepared, but you will also remember these two words during your competition to make yourself truly stand out: creativity and empathy.


Do not be afraid to be out of the ordinary. “Practical” is great, but unique and imaginative is even better. While competing, come up with something that will make your judge go, “Wow.”

Creativity doesn’t just have to lie in your ideas. It can be your overall presentation, the delivery of your ideas or the passion and enthusiasm you possess for your plans.

Remember, your judge has gone through the same role-play with different competitors a many times already that day. The same ideas may have even been shared with them once or twice. Make their experience a little more enjoyable by offering them something new, something out of the ordinary! Do not let them forget you! Whether you stand out by your fresh, out-of-the-box ideas, or your elated personality, make your judge remember you!


Put yourself in your judge’s shoes. Would you be pleased with the ideas you came up with? Would you be more than excited to start implementing them? Are you in awe of your own professionalism and exuberance?

Be the person that you would be astonished by and suggest ideas that you would be eager to start putting into action.

Keeping these two words in mind will ensure that your presentation is unforgettable and the best it could possibly be. Good luck!

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