5 Odd Things to Pack for Competition

DECA competitions are nerve racking enough, but making sure you’ve packed every item you need for your trip can drive you crazy.

Listed in least to most important, these odd packing necessities will help guarantee a smooth travel experience.

5. Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is great to keep with you during competition. Buttons break all the time, so why not have a sewing kit with you just in case?

4. Lint Roller

So you just got dressed in your spiffy business professional slacks and blazers but they are covered in lint – that’s not professional. Tucking a lint roller in your bag will make you look #DECAfresh for competition. Plus, it’s a small item that can fix a sloppy issue.

3. Chap Stick

Presenting a role-play with chapped lips can decrease your confidence dramatically. Your judge may even find it odd how you keep licking your lips while talking! Use lip balm to avoid these problems.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Do not catch the DECA flu! Chances are one person at a conference will be sick. In an environment where everyone is shaking hands, germs can spread rapidly. Protect yourself from the common cold with hand sanitizer in your pocket.

1. Filtered Water Bottle

A filtered water bottle? But why Ray? To stay hydrated during a competition, I consistently paid $4 a bottle for hotel water, sometimes up to four bottles a day. That’s $16 a day! Buy yourself a filtered water bottle and save loads of money! CamelBak’s Groove only costs $20 and you can drink filtered water from the sink for free.

Take these five basic packing tips to competition with you and you’ll be traveling, and winning, like a pro!

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