4 Ways to Use Your Role-Play Prep Time to Your Advantage

By establishing a standard format for your planning sheet, it will become easier to locate and say what needs to be said in your role-play.

I have used this very system for numerous role-plays and I have found it to be effective, as it organizes the information into separate sections for quick reference and it includes an area for a logical chain of events.

1.     Start by reading all of the information about the role play, and the performance indicators.

You should be able to know the main points of the role-play off hand, so that you do not have to keep referring to your notes. Also, read the performance indicators so you know exactly what you will be scored on. Mentally note what parts of the scenario are important.

2.     Copy all of the important information at the top of the scratch paper.

Be sure to write down all of the key facts that are important to remember, such as your role, the judge’s role, the company and the basic task you have to solve. Be sure to write all of these facts at the top of the sheet so that you can quickly refer to them, should you forget them during the role play. I have found it to be easier to read if these notes are concise and to the point.           

3.     Outline all of the basic points you want to make in your presentation.

This almost guarantees that you will not forget any main point in your presentation. It also gives you a chance to determine a logical sequence to present your solution to the issue. Be sure to include your performance indicators!

4.     Write down key words at the bottom of the sheet.

Write all of the important terms at the bottom of the paper, so you can quickly glance over in order to incorporate them into your solution presentation. Write terms that you may need to use in order to exceed performance indicators. I have found it especially helpful to box or underline words that are vital to completing the role-play.

With these four steps in mind, you’ll be ready to rock your role-play and take the stage!

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