How to Stay DECA-cated Over Summer

With the International Career Development Conference just days away, many members and chapters are already wondering what they should be doing to get ready for the end of the school year and the beginning of the next one!

Here are some quick ideas on how to prepare now for a successful DECA summer:

1) Summer Planning Meeting

Holding a summer meeting is a great way to get your chapter officers together to bond and plan for the next year. The officers can set goals, decide on meeting times and plan fundraisers. A great tool to help decided what events your chapter should hold is the Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program. Even if your chapter has it’s summer planning meeting before the new Passport Program is released, they can still follow the guidelines in this year’s. Also, make sure to set a budget so you can plan activities and purchase DECA gear from DECA Images, such as a tablecloth!

2) Hold a Fundraiser

More often than not, the weather can play a big part when it comes to holding events, especially outside fundraisers. Over summer, while the weather is beautiful and people enjoy being outside, get a jumpstart on your chapter’s bank account and hold a fundraiser! Some great fundraising ideas are a car wash, hosting a field day or selling ice cream on campus to summer students.

3) Recruit New Members

Recruitment is 365 days a year, not just the first two weeks of class, and with that being said, summer is included too! Make sure to participate in any and all school tabling opportunities, especially those linked with new student orientations! Freshman, transfer students, and non-traditional students are all looking for ways to get involved and to better connect with their new campus, which creates for the perfect opportunity for your Collegiate DECA chapter to attain new members!

4) Look Over Your School’s Policies

There may be other ways that your chapter can receive funding. Check with your college of business and student government to see if there are any additionally ways to receive assistance. Some schools have different budgets for different needs; for instance, a chapter may be able to apply for a marketing budget to attain a DECA tablecloth, and another budget to travel for conferences. Setting up a meeting with your student leaders and their advisors are great for making sure you can get every dollar your chapter is entitled to!

5) Meet Your New National Officers

Your new National Officer Team will be elected during this year’s ICDC. Make sure you get to know each of them, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and take advantage of all the ways they can help you! 

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