Make Your Exhibit Count at the 2014 DECA ICDC!

DECA Inc. is so pleased to have all of our exhibitors at the 2014 International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Ga.

New this year are DECA's "Today @ #DECAICDC" morning meetings! DECA's leadership team will share with you the most important announcement and updates for the day, so you'll be ready to tackle another exhilirating day of #DECAICDC. Find out meeting times and more here.

There are plenty of opportunities for your brand to join the #DECAICDC conversation through social media and plenty of reasons why you’ll want to be tweeting and hashtagging all weekend long. Check out these statistics from last year’s social media impact at ICDC:

  • 9.4 million people exposed to #DECAICDC tweets
  • Over 1 million people directly reached through #DECAICDC tweets
  • 84,029 people reached through DECA’s Facebook
  • 20,103 tweets sent using #DECAICDC
  • 7,752 Instagram photos posted using #DECAICDC

Don’t let this incredible opportunity to connect with over 16,500 DECA members and advisors in Atlanta, and thousands more at home and around the world, pass you by.

What can you do at your exhibit to really Make It Count? Check out these ideas and be sure to share these with your social media team at the office as well:

1) DECA Events App

  • Download the DECA Events app at
  • Check out what everyone’s talking about on the app’s Activity Feed. Here you’ll witness the excitement and energy of #DECAICDC first hand!

2) Twitter

  • Follow @DECAInc and use the conference hashtag #DECAICDC in all your conference related tweets
  • Feel free to mention @DECAInc in any of your tweets during ICDC. Examples of tweets you could share during ICDC include:

    • Heading to Atlanta for #DECAICDC! Cannot wait to connect with all of @DECAInc at this amazing conference.
    • Make sure you check out booth 123 at #DECAICDC to receive an awesome gift!
    • Great photo of @COMPANY and @DECAInc members during #DECAICDC in Atlanta.
  • Retweet @DECAInc’s tweets about the conference to share with all of your own followers.
  • Encourage your followers to follow @DECAInc.
  • Share photos of your booth, exhibit, presentation and other aspects of your #DECAICDC experience.

3) Facebook

  •  ‘Like’ the DECA Inc. Facebook page
  • Join the 2014 ICDC event page to receive all ICDC updates in your notifications.
  • Tag DECA Inc. in your Facebook status updates to connect your followers with our page.
  • Tag DECA Inc. in photos you upload from the conference.
  • Encourage your friends to like the DECA Inc. Facebook page.
  • Share news, photos and more from the DECA Inc. page onto your own personal page or your organization’s page.

4) Instagram

  • Follow @DECAInc on Instagram
  • When sharing a photo on Instagram, be sure to use the #DECAICDC hashtag and tag @DECAInc. in it as well!
  • Some photos you could share during ICDC include:

    • Your booth in the exhibit hall
    • DECA members visiting your booth, getting your booth gifts or participating in your booth activity.
  • Tweet your Instagram photos to cross-promote your Instagram account, your Twitter account, the DECA Inc. accounts and #DECAICDC. 

It’s easy to make your time at #DECAICDC count by utilizing DECA’s expansive social network to connect with members, advisors, parents and more in Atlanta and beyond!

Have any social media questions? Contact DECA’s communications assistant Janelle Scudder or tweet her @jjscudderdeca.

Follow DECA Inc. on Twitter @DECAInc.

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