The Power of a Prototype

You did it! You completed your entrepreneurship written report. You slaved over it for hours, dedicating as much time as possible into making it truly shine. But you're not done yet!

It's time to wow your judge and what better way to do this than show them exactly what you've written about? In entrepreneurial events, being innovative and coming up with a creative idea is a given, but it is vital that you take this a step further and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Having some type of demo or prototype will not only give your presentation that extra oomph, but will take your project to the next level!

The prototype you design doesn’t have to be complicated at all – in fact, it could be as simple as a model created digitally. Just having something solid for your judge to look at could make all the difference when it comes to competition.

Here are the three top reasons why demonstrating your entrepreneurial idea is key to an award-winning presentation:

1. It displays feasibility.

It's important that an idea is innovative but also realistic. By creating some sort of mini or symbolic version of your idea, you make sure to display to your judge that not only is your idea creative and new, but also feasible.

2. It makes your project memorable.

When a judge is viewing dozens of entrepreneurship ideas in a day, it becomes hard to keep track of them all. Having a demo to show the judge during your presentation will allow him/her to observe your idea’s application before their very eyes and make your idea much more likely to be recalled later.

3. It strengthens your overall message.

It's important that when you're delivering your presentation, you make sure to create a unified brand for yourself that your judge can easily see. By having a prototype to display, you tie the various components of your written project together, and show the judge exactly what your efforts have culminated to produce. 

You can use a prototype of your idea to your advantage the next time you present your entrepreneurship written project and rest assured it will lead you to success! Not only will demoing it capture everything your written report describes, but it will also leave a lasting impression.

I guess you could say a prototype truly will speak a thousand words.

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