Role-Play to Real Play

Have you ever wanted to experience a professional business meeting?  Then practice your critical thinking and decision-making skills by participating in a role-play with Collegiate DECA!

The competitive event known as Business Simulations includes roles-plays with real-world situation that challenge members to analyze the task at hand and develop a plan of action to solve the problem/situation. Once members develop their plan, they then present it to a industry professional, demonstrating their communication and presentation abilities. What perfect practice for your career, right?

Business Simulations role-plays are offered in the following areas:  Accounting, Banking Financial Services, Corporate Finance, Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, Hotel and Lodging, Restaurant and Food Service, Retail Management or Travel and Tourism. The Business Simulation format includes a written 100-question multiple-choice exam and a 15-minute role-play with the judge.

Compete in a Business Simulation and gain:

  1. Industry Knowledge. Since these are current real-world situations, you will be tasked with current problems in the industry of your interest. Finding and discovering solutions to these problems will help you when it comes to interviewing as well as performing in your future career.
  2. Interviewed Preparedness. Do your nerves get the best of you sometimes? The more time in an interview settings, the more comfortable you’ll be letting your skills shine through! Remember, practice makes perfect.
  3. Industry Interest. Sometimes it can be difficult to connect classroom learning to boardroom careers. Participating in a Business Simulation will bring your textbooks to life. This can help eliminate second-guessing the selection of your major, and ensure you will enjoy your career later in life.

Give a Business Simulation a shot at Collegiate DECA’s International Career Development Conference and prepare yourself for real-play by role-playing.

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