5 Must Do’s When Competing

With the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference right around the corner, members are wondering what they can do in order to hear their name called on stage.

Here are my five tips to help you to score a few extra points this competition season:

  1. Say hello, shake hands and ask for a seat.

Always make sure to start your your role-play by greeting the judges and shaking their hands firmly. If you are planning on sitting during the presentation, make sure to ask for a seat. Not only is asking for a seat professional, but it is a sign of respect for the judges. Having been a judge in the past, nothing bothered me more than when the competitors just sat down without saying a word.

  1. Be creative.

One key goal in competing is to stand out and make sure the judges remember you. For the most part, all of your competitors are going to have the same ideas; it is up to you to find a way to add that special something to separate you from the rest.

  1. Be confident.

If you forget to say something, don’t freak out! Remember, the judges don’t know what you’re planning to say, so if you do mess up, just roll with it. Make sure you hit your most important points and if you make something up, stand by it and make it sound realistic and believable.

  1. Watch out for those fillers!

We’re all guilty of using fillers when we speak, no matter how hard we try. Record yourself practicing a role-play and listen for those “ums,” “likes” and “so’s.” Train yourself to just pause instead of using fillers, it will make your presentation sound much smoother.

  1. Dress for the position you want.

In DECA, it is expected for competitors to dress in business attire. For the most part, DECA members do a great job at this, however there are still some out there that miss the mark. For the ladies, those stilettos and short skirts may be cute, but they aren’t for role-plays and interviews. Whereas Spanx and pantyhose are not required, I personally love and recommend them for all business attire. For the men, a blazer is a must and that facial hair needs to be maintained.

You’re going to do great this April at the Collegiate DECA ICDC, and I cannot wait to see you Make It Count at #DECAinDC!

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