Blue Springs DECA's Alaina Aylward Wins FIDM Challenge

FIDM received more than 80 entries from 49 DECA chapters for the 2014 DECA/FIDM Challenge. DECA members were asked to translate a seasonal fashion trend into a "look" depicting a researched fashion forecast for Back to School 2014. They submitted their projects via video presentations on YouTube.

We recently caught up with the winner, 18 year-old high school senior Alaina Aylward of Blue Springs High School in Missouri. 

FIDM: How did it feel to win the FIDM/DECA Challenge?

Alaina: I was ecstatic! I was just so surprised and excited, especially because I had to submit my video a month earlier. The waiting time until I found out how I did was killer! Now, I just feel very happy that my work is valued and appreciated by others.

You have entered the competition in the past. How did you hear about the FIDM/DECA Challenge?

I entered last year and was awarded third place at ICDC in Anaheim. I learned a lot and decided to try to do even better this year. My DECA teacher, Mrs. Fowler, originally told me about the FIDM/DECA Challenge. No one at my school had ever done it before, but she thought I should give it a go. 

What are your future goals?

I plan to major in Fashion Design in college and work as a designer. Although I can't plan the exacts of my career, I think the sky's the limit. Some of my goals include seeing an uber-chic woman walking down the street in my design, showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, launching my own fashion brand, opening my first store, attending the Met Gala, meeting Tim Gunn… I could go on, but I’ll spare you!

What was your favorite part about the challenge and the Folkloric trend?

I loved sourcing my materials, forecasting the trend, and designing what I was going to make. My favorite part of the Folkloric trend is all the textured details and culture involved. I was captivated by all the different textiles, patterns and embroidery different cultures use and how they different they are. It's very colorful, lively, fresh, and inspired.

This interview was originally on the FIDM Blog, where you can view a short video showcasing Alaina's winning entry.

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